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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I finally went running!

So for the first time since I made this crazy decision, I actually went running. I normally go to a kickboxing class on Tuesday morning, but I felt like I needed to get some running in. Weather kept me inside yesterday, and the forcast for tomorrow is equally as bad, so today was the day. I just couldn't bring myself to set my alarm for earlier than 6, since 6 feels like 5 this week, so I only had time for an 80 minute run. I still find it slightly crazy that 80 minutes is a short long run now. 80 minutes used to be my longest run. It was pretty dark when I started, which make navigation a challenge since we had a sleet and snow yesterday. Luckily most of sidewalk was just crunchy snow. It was a slight challenge, but nothing like the deep snow, and sheer ice I've had to contend with most of the this weekend. It was also about 28, which for me is the perfect running temperature.

As usual, it took me about 20 minutes to start feeling good. I prefer to sleep till the last minute rather than give myself any time to warm up. I wake up, shove some gummy bears or jelly beans in mouth so I have something in my system, throw on my clothes, pop in my contacts and I'm out the door in less than 10 minutes. Once I was warmed up I felt pretty good. I chugged along at a solid 9 minute mile, listening to phedippidations, and even felt good enough to push the pace for the last couple miles. I wanted to keep going, but I had work, and I should try to save something for a real long run this weekend.

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