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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Battle of the Biggies

I won a race today! I've never gotten to write that before, and it feels pretty good. I did the Battle of the Biggies Duathalon in Cambridge. I went in, not expecting much since I've been sick all week. I didn't treat it like a race morning- I slept in, had cereal and a banana, then headed into the city. I got lost, but didn't freak out. It was a small race- only about 80 people. The first run was 2.6 miles, a loop up to the first bridge around a back. At first we tried to avoid the puddles, but since it poured all day yesterday that was impossible. I placed myself at the back, but just kept picking people off. I looked at down at my Garmin- 8:05 and I didn't even feel it.

Then, I hopped on my bike. I'm a bike wimp. I like smooth roads with no traffic. This was not that kind of course. AT ALL. It was 3 loops of rocky, muddy, paths, giant puddles, pedestrian clogged bridges, and sharp corners. There was one puddle where the water was almost over my wheels. All you could do was fly through. I was muddy, soaked, and having a blast. My last time through the monster puddle I let out a giant yahoo.

Then, I was back in my running shoes. My legs felt like jello- but when I looked down at my watch I was running an 8:05 again. The last leg was 3.5, and it felt long. I went out with another woman my age- who I knew was my main competition. I followed her up one side of the Charles. At each bridge, I was praying it would be the turn around, and at each bridge they waved us to keep going. Finally we crossed over the river and headed back. At this point, I was feeling it. My stomach was churning. My I passed the woman and set my sights on a guy in a fancy tri suit in front of me. I passed him too. Dry heaving I made my way back across the river and to the finish. Since there was a run only option, and a team option, I couldn't tell how I had done.

After a wierdly good combination of bakes beans and doritos (oh the trails of being a non red meat eater at a BBQ) it was time for prizes. When they did my age group I thought they had made a mistake, since the girl I passed won. But then, they got to the first overall woman and it was me! Holy moly! 6 hours later and I'm still smiling like crazy.

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