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Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm in Dubai for work this, and while I love how exotic the city feels, I am not loving the running here. The "gym" at the hotel, is a crappy treadmill and a crappier elliptical. The worst part is that there is no AC, and I, being acclimated to running outside all winter, am instantly a giant sweaty mess. After 4 days, my body and mind were rebelling at the thought of another run inside.

So I decided to venture outside. The city is amazingly safe- so I wasn't worried about running outside by myself in the very early morning. However, I was worried about the traffic (it's terrible) and about the cultural appropriateness of running in shorts and a tank-top in a Muslim country. The traffic wasn't so bad- there are sidewalks everywhere. I did spend a fair amount of time waiting at stop lights, but I didn't have any close calls. The clothing was another matter. Maybe it was all in my head. The whole time I was running I felt so aware of my body. This isn't a place when men leer and cat call, like when I ran in Italy. It is a place of silent disapproval. This makes it difficult to tell if it is just me being paranoid, or if I'm truly being offending people.

I also struggle with how much I should care about this. I don't agree with the idea that women should be covered all the time. But, I am a guest here, and as a guest I should be respectful of my hosts.

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