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Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm back

Obviously I took a break from blogging for awhile and I don't really have great reason why. After the marathon my running didn't have any direction. I kept running, because I do have that compulsive need to run daily. But I didn't have any motivation, any fire. Outside of running, I've been pretty busy as well. Work is intense, as my manager and 2 other supervisors have left, and I'm left to pick up the slack. I'm currently debating leaving as well, I have 2 very good offers with consulting companies, but I just can't make up my mind. It's my natural aversion to major change, but also the hesitation about the consulting life-style. Do I really want to travel every week? It's pretty impossible to have a life. Not that I have a lot holding me back right now- no boyfriend (I won't bore you with that story), no geographic restrictions. I come home from work, do a second workout, and sit on the couch. I can do that anywhere. I vacillate hourly.

But on to the exciting news. My passion and fire for running is back. This is inspired by two things.

#1 I did the Reach the Beach Relay last weekend. After months of running alone, mostly on suburban streets I forgot what it's like to be out in the wild in the elements with the support of thousands of runners and a wonderful team. Even though I ran alone during my of my legs, I could see the blinking lights of other runners stretching out in front of. I had my team-mates stopping every couple of miles to cheer me on. I knew that thousands of other people were also out in the rain and the dark, staying awake for days straight, cooped up in stinky vans, all for the love of running.

#2 I AM OFFICIALLY RUNNING THE ANTARCTICA MARATHON IN FEBRUARY. After 4 years on the waiting list, I'm in!

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