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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A chilly ending

After a rough day and half in the Drake we finally hit calmer waters yesterday afternoon. People we hadn't seen in days started emerging from their cabins. Calm waters meant we could do the one thing still left on the itinerary.......... THE POLAR PLUNGE.

The Quark staff issued us a challenge. If more than half the passengers jumped, they would too. We didn't want to let the group down, so we both plunged. We changed into bathing suits and stood shivering on the deck waiting to be strapped into a harness. The water is so cold that you basically can't swim once you're in, so after you jump they haul you in. Well over half of us braved the waters, so the whole Quark staff went in. We then ended the day with a sunset reception with the Captain on the lido deck, and a wonderful last dinner.

We left the ship early this morning, and are waiting in a long, unmoving line at the airport in Ushuaia. From here we fly to Buenos Aires, switch airports, fly to Miami, and then finally connect to Boston.

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