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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You win some, you lose some

First the good news, I did my second ocean swim of the season yesterday, and it felt infinitely better than the first. It was REALLY hot here yesterday, so I headed to Crescent Beach with a friend after work. I grabbed my bag with my wetsuit and googles just in case. It was so hot that I swam (just in my bathing suit) as soon as I got there and again after we walked the beach. So, I figured if I was there and used to the water I might as well get in a practice session. Note to self- put on your wetsuit BEFORE you get all wet.

The swim felt good. The water was really calm and didn't feel as frigid as last week. It was nice not to be in a  pack of people and have calm water. I only freaked out when I swam over a bunch of grass that looked like eels, but the rest of the time I felt calm and comfortable. Winner, winner chicken dinner.

Photo: Just another day at the beach...
See that little black speck behind the first boat? That's my head.

And now for the not so good news. I did not do so well with my eating goal for the week to limit myself to one small serving of dessert. I had quite a few nights at home alone on the couch and not only did I have a bigger serving of ice cream than last week, but I also got up for seconds a couple times. Saturday night was an extra big fail. The BF and I made yummy shrimp tacos and then each had a small bowl of fro-yo. As we were finishing our fro-yo out on the patio, our new neighbor came over and invited us to their house-warming party. I ended up standing in front of the dessert table for a good hour and helped myself to 2 cookies and a cupcake. THEN, they send me home with a  a brownie, a whoopie pie, and a piece of cake. All of which I proceeded to eat while watching a movie. Ooops. 

It is so embarrassing to admit that. But I suppose that is the point of sharing my goals and progress on the blog. Public accountability.  I am still making progress. Instead of allowing that to morph into a week of crappy eating, I got myself back on track the next day. So onward and upwards. 

What are your triumphs or failures this week?

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