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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tri # 2

Weekends at home are just too short! Friday was busy with unpacking, laundry, and errands. One stop was a follow-up with the podiatrist for my heel. Bad news on that front. It is a little better but not much. He wants me to rest completely for 2 weeks. That is not going to happen. So I have to wear this lovely boot at night (which is a major pain-o to lug to California) and spring for the very pricey custom orthotics.

Immediately ignoring my take it easy and always wear sneakers order, Bryan and I went to sky zone Friday night. It's a huge room full of trampolines. You can even bounce off the walls. We were the oldest people there by at least a decade, but still had a blast.

Saturday was a double header at the gym and then off to volunteer at the soup kitchen. There is a Wheaton volunteer group that goes twice a month and I've been wanting to go for awhile. I feel like I am so incredibly fortunate, and I need to remind myself of that. I am also working to increase my comfort with the homeless. It is just something I was not exposed to at all growing up. They are just people, and I tried to treat them that way. Then Amy, a college roomie who I haven't seen in years came for dinner. We ended with these cookies- that I just had to make. Chocolate chip cookie wrapped oreos!Your arteries will not thank you, but your mouth will.

Then, today to wrap things up I had a tri. Outfitted in my new tri suit, I thought I was ready for open water. How different from the pool could it really be?? Very. It was awful. I got kicked in the face and huge gulp of water up my nose in the first minute. I resorted to backstroking and side stroking for the rest of the swim. It seemed endless. But the bike was heavenly, and I was moving faster than I've moved in awhile on the run. 8 minute miles!! I finished in 1:14, good for second place in my age group.

If I am not tired enough to sleep on the plane today, I will never be!

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