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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Hi Friends! Happy New Year! Hopefully, your New Year's Eves and first day of 2012 were as wonderful as mine was!

My friend Breezy and I decided to avoid the crowds and costs of eating out and cook at home last night. But, we still ate in style: lobster, roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic, and French baguette.  We started off with my new favorite cocktail- Pinacle cake vodka, mandarin orange seltzer, and mango juice and nibbled on some crackers and goat cheese. Then it was lobster time. Seriously, I don't know why I do eat lobster more often. It's not that expensive (if you're lucky enough to live in Maine) and it's a quick, easy 1 pot meal! And I think winter lobster is the best, the hard shells are packed with sweet, dense meat. After gorging ourselves, we made ourselves pretty and then headed to the Old Port to Gritty's. We had a few drinks there and headed up to Empire Dine and Dance. And then the rest of the night passed in a wonderful blur of music, dancing, and more cocktails!

I woke this morning to a glorious morning. The sun was shining and it was in the forties. It was the perfect day for the first day of the year, symbolic of a fresh start and a rebirth. I enjoyed the luxury of lingering in bed for awhile dozing and then headed out for a run to shake out the cobwebs from a night of fun. After a few hours of house chores (taking down the Christmas decorations and tree always makes me so sad!) I decided it was just too nice to be inside, so I headed to Kettle Cove. Everyone had the same idea- there were so many people there. The lobstermen were taking advantage of the warm day to pull out some traps. There were couples with picnics and champagne. There were dogs of all sizes and colors, and kids of just as many colors and sizes. That's what I love about Mainers, people truly love to be outside and appreciate the natural beauty and fun of our state.

I just had an early dinner of cheesy polenta with shrimp and spinach and am settling down to a quite evening pondering my resolutions and doing some reading.

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