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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yoga is like data collection

Last night's little lesson at yoga was not the most poetic but it was amazingly effective for me. As we did some deep breathing to let go of the day and get ready for yoga the teacher said, "Tonight we are going to think of yoga as data collection. Notice what your body is telling you. Note it in your mind, and then move on."

I think this lesson struck a chord with me because it fits in perfectly with my resolution to be more mindful. To notice what is happening right now. It also targets one of my weaknesses, which is to over analyze. As soon as I notice something I can't help but try to figure out why it is happening and what I am going to do about it.

Instead, last night I found the power in simple observation. I felt my body moving through the poses and let it be what it was without judgement. Wow. As I lay in shavasana at the end of class I did an inventory of my body. Taking in a deep breath, I could feel this incredible energy pulsating in each body part as I focused on it, and then a physical relaxation as I exhaled. I walked into yoga feeling tired and creaky from my long run and left feeling loose and relaxed.


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