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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Islesboro Retreat

I don't know that I necessarily believe in fate, but I do think it is pretty neat that my boyfriend and I both grew up on different islands on Maine's midcoast and then ended up living 1/4 mile apart in Portland. I also happen to have family on the island he grew up on Islesboro, so it is highly likely we passed each other at some point in our childhoods. His Mom still has a house on Islesboro and invited us up to spend a few days before she rents it out for the summer. Islesboro is about 68.88 sq. miles and has a year round population of around 566 people.

Last September we took my boat up to Islesboro for a night, but I was excited to get to spend some more time there and have a car to get arounhood so the bf could show me all the sights of his child! We left Portland early Sunday morning and got to Lincolnville just in time to see the 9 am boat leaving. So we grabbed some ice-coffee and a bear claw at Dot's while we waited for the 10 am. 

It is a quick 20 minute ride over to the Island on the ferry.

My Mom and her boyfriend drove up from their island, Southport Island, to meet us for the day. The forecast was for clouds and sprinkles, but it turned out to be a lovely day. We played a fun game of tennis, grabbed some hot dogs from the hot dog cart, and then walked down by the BF's old house.

I never get tired of ocean views. 

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I had to work, but that was okay because the weather wasn't so nice. I had brought my bike hoping to get in my annual ride around the island, but it was too rainy. So instead I got in a lot of hilly runs. There is nowhere flat on this island!

When I wasn't working, or running, we enjoyed island life. Which consists of a lot of sitting around, talking,  dog petting, eating, board game playing, and rock skipping (when the rain stopped for a couple minutes). It really is a simpler life. Somehow when there are no restaurants to eat at, no stores to shop at, or any other events to be at, it is a lot easier to relax and enjoy doing nothing.

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