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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sounds I love

I really think about the most random things while I am running. This morning was the first foggy day we've had in a long time, so the fog horn was blowing as I ran down by Willard Beach. I started thinking about how I love the sound of the fog horn. It reminds me of being tucked in my warm bed growing up on the island and hearing it sound outside my window as I slept. Or, of foggy summers days where the fog was an excuse to build a fort and stay inside all day reading and eating cookies.

So that got me thinking about other sounds that I like.
- The sound of my coffee maker percolating in the morning.
- Bell Buoys. Another remnant of growing up on the water. I love the ringing bell sound. I even got a replica of the marker off the island where I grow up so I can ring it any time I like.
- Foot steps. I love listening to my foot-steps while I run.

And then naturally I started thinking about sounds that I don't like.
-Whispers. I am a freak, but I can't stand whispering. It sends this horrible tickle up my back, like nails on a chalkboard.
-Mouth noises. I hate hearing people (or animals) chew, swallow, lip their lips, kiss, anything mouth related. I have to sleep with a fan on now so I don't hear the dog licking herself during the night.

What random things do you think about while you run? What sounds do you like/dislike?

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