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Friday, August 9, 2013

Annoying Gym Habits

My last post about favorite machines at the gym got me thinking about the strange things I see there all the time. I already mentioned the lady who is so possessive of "her" spot in step class that she makes other people move if they are in it. She will also moved their benches for them if she thinks they are too close to her.

Sadly, she is not alone. There seem to be a lot of people that do strange and annoying things at the gym. Here is my list of the weird (and annoying) things I see at my gym:

-One lady wears a heavy winter coat year round as she walks on the treadmill with 12lbs weights in each hand while wearing wedge flip-flops.

-One guy brings in half the world with him. He brings his laptop, coffee, water, a snack, and the Wall Street Journal. He then sets up his laptop and does P90X, taking frequent water, coffee, and newspaper breaks. He manages to take up the entire stretching and free weight area. And did I mention he wears super short, tight shorts.

-One guy walks around and talks to all the guys lifting. He talks REALLY loudly and swears every other word. I've never actually seen him lift anything himself though.

-One lady ALWAYS takes the machine right next to me, even if there are like 10 of the same empty machines with no one near them. Then, her friend comes over to talk to her and leans on the base of my machine. I have to wipe my face every 2 seconds so I don't drip sweat on her. They talk so loudly I can't hear my music.

What weird things do people do at your gym? What annoys you the most?

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