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Monday, November 4, 2013

Tokyo Training Weeks 1-3

I am doing a long, slow build up for Japan so I won't bore you with a weekly update. But, I will try to do a training update every few weeks.

I covered levels 11-13 (I started at level 11 based on the distance I was already running for my year round base training) in my Level Up Training Program.

my log probably makes no sense to anyone but me!

Week 1: 
4 of 4 runs for a total of 21.59 miles in 3:17:23.
Longest run: 60 minutes
Cross Training: 4:17:00 (1 bike ride, 1 swim, 2 bootcamp classes, 1 step class, cardio machines)
Felt: Physically strong and glad to be starting "official" training.

Week 2:
3 of 4 runs for a total of 19.46 miles in 3:05:10
Longest run: 70 minutes
Crossing Training: 4:55:00 (1 swim, 3 bootcamp classes, 1 step class, cardio machines)
Felt: Broken. My knee and foot were both bothering me a lot so I skipped my shorter run for the week and replaced it with the elliptical.

Week 3:
4 of 4 runs for a total of 22.79 miles in 3:33:49
Longest Run: 72 minutes
Cross Training: 4:15
Felt: Much stronger and happy about the cooler weather!

My first impressions of Level Up are really positive. I like the variety of the workouts and feel like I am building a really strong base. In the past I felt my training plans over emphasized the long runs and scrimped on the other runs. Although my long runs are not very long yet, my other runs are a decent distance so my weekly mileage isn't to pathetic. I have ended every run feeling really strong. I do however need to work on my clothing- I have been having serious chafing issues.

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