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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Three Things..... Wednesday?

Okay, so I know it is supposed to be Three Things Wednesday. But I feel like I owe you guys a post, and I just can't come up with a coherent post about a single topic today. So here is what is happening in my world.

1. I leave for Japan two weeks from today! I signed up for this trip more than 9 months ago, so my initial excitement faded a long time ago. It always seemed so far in the future and then it was overshadowed by the whole getting engaged and planning a wedding thing. But now I am just starting to get super excited again. I went and checked out a couple travel books from the library. I can't wait to eat my body weight in sushi.

2. It is snowing here today. A lot. And it is supposed to snow again Sunday. I don't care though! I have all my marathon training long runs done and now it's time to relax and taper. Plus, it means the skiing should be awesome this weekend.

3. I have the taper munchies. Seriously. I.can.not.stop.eating. There is something about tapering that just makes me want to stuff my face. Last night we had some cake after dinner. Then I went out to do errands and I stopped at Orange Leaf and got an absolutely enormous fro-yo. Someone stop me!!
I made this dark chocolate caramel sea salt cake for my BFF's birthday. And ate most of it myself.

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  1. Yay! Less than 2 weeks! I am excited for you!

    And congrats on being in taper! :)