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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tokyo Training: The END!

It's taper time! Some runners hate tapering. I, however, am a fan. I love knowing that all my training is in the bank and that I can let my body rest and recover so I am race ready.

The last 4 weeks of my training were certainly not by the books. Due to weather, illness, and a generally busy life, I had to play around with the timing of my long runs and I missed some runs in the way. Despite that, I still feel pretty good about my training. I did every single one of my long runs and felt strong on all of them.

a solid month of training

Level 21
4 runs. I actually did my longest run for this week the Thursday of the week before. The forecast for the weekend was dismal and I had a full schedule.
Longest Run: 12.61 miles

Level 22
4 runs for a total of 30.03 miles
RTE_13.1_ultimate_mediaLongest Run: 18.91 miles

Level 23
3 runs for 21.36 miles
Longest Run:  7.2 miles

Level 24
3 runs for 32.44 miles
Longest Run: 20.3 miles

Overall, I really liked the Level Up Training Plan. Although I didn't follow it to the letter, I did 90% of what was in the plan. I really liked the gradual progression, the mix of runs, the built in rest weeks, and the satisfaction of crossing off my runs and jumping up a level. The proof though, as they say, is in the pudding. So we will see how well it prepared me for a marathon.

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