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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

East vs. West

I have always been a loyal east coast girl. I love the snow, I don't mind the cold. But the more time I spent in California, the more I am starting to consider that life here isn't so bad. I was home in Boston last weekend and spent about 3 hours shoveling my driveway in an attempt to make it wide enough for my car. The 2 problems were that the snow 2 week old snow had hardened into chunks of ice, and that the snow banks were so high that I had to fling every shovelful up over my head. My back hurt a LOT for days. Then, Sunday the high was about 10 degrees without the wind chill. I did not do my long run.

So this weekend I am determined to snap out of my new California wimpery, and do my long run no matter how cold and/or snowy it is. Time to suck it up girl. It will not be 60 and sunny in Antarctica.

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