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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in Maine

I haven't been to Maine since Christmas, which is a long time for me to be away. I don't ever realize quite how unbalanced my life has become until I go home. It is like going back in time. The TV stays off, the laptop stays off (mostly), and the cell phone has limited reception. Amazing how much more time there is in my day. Time to run in a bracing westerly wind that feels like it's blowing my soul clean. Time to tromp around the yard in my rubber boots looking at the first buds of spring. Time to get dirty in the garden. Time to lay in bed in the boathouse under a thick pile of blankets and listen to the surf and the foghorn. Time to go to a memorial service for a strong, courageous woman who became a mother to an entire island in her 105 years on earth. Time to bake and cook and then sit down for a long Easter dinner. Time for a sunrise Easter service and coffee and crossword. Time for music- guitars and piano and 3 part vocal harmony. Time to remember what really matters.

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