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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Even though I'm on vacation this week, I did agree to take on one job- goat tender. I am part of a non-profit group that is working to restore a light-house right by my house. The lighthouse was decommissioned by the Coast Guard and was going to be torn down. The restoration is going fabulously.

Visit for more information.

Last summer we did a big clean up on the smaller rock island adjacent to the Cuckolds. In order to keep the vegetation from over taking the island, and to keep the seagulls from taking over, we decided to put a pair of goats out there in the summer. This summer's goats are a little spoiled, having grown up on the farm, so they will only eat their special feed. So every other day, I've been paddling out in the kayak in the early morning before the wind comes up. We've discovered it's a two person job. One person to distract the goats while the other person opens the feed bin and fills their bowls. If you're alone, the goats about mow you over in their eagerness to get at the food.

Dasie Duke and Blondie

We're having a bumper year for raspberries and strawberries, but also unfortunately, for biting flies. I drove to Reid State Park today, but was quickly driven away. The bugs were relentless. The beach isn't so relaxing when you have to constantly swat at flies. I got about 20 bites in an hour! The flies are also bothering the goats. This morning they were rubbing themselves against the rocks trying to scratch their bites. So while I was out of town, I stopped and got some goat safe fly spray. I just paddled back out to give it a go. What I learned is that, as much as goats don't like flies, they don't like being sprayed with fly spray even more! A couple sprays and they bolted to the other side of the island and refused to come back!

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