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Friday, July 29, 2011


We went out to Islesboro yesterday, where my Mom's Dad's family has lived for hundreds of years. We started with a big old breakfast at Moody's diner on the way up. Moody's dinah, nothing finah.

Fortified by a huge plate of blueberry pancakes, I set off to bike around the island. It is a wonderful place to ride: rolling hills, very few cars, greats views, and a sea breeze. I loved this sign.

After a nice 30 miles, we found this great beach our cousin's told us about. We had it all to ourselves! We tried to take the direct route across the mud flats to explore Hutchinson Island. Bad plan. We got so stuck! Luckily we finally managed to muck our way back to the dry sand without slicing open our feet on the mussel beds.

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