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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

End of vacation

The last weekend of my vacation was glorious, full of fun and sun, family and friends. Saturday we left early to make it to Portland for the 8:30 ferry to Peak’s Island for the Peak’s Island 5 mile road race. We met my friend Jen, and my Mom’s friend Cat, and joined the excited crowd waiting to board. The sun was already warm as we crossed Casco Bay, and by the start of the race it was in the 80’s. Jen and I joined the crowd at the starting line and were deep in conversation, when suddenly a cannon went off. We both jumped straight up, and the realized the race was starting and started running. The race runs around the perimeter of the island, providing spectacular views and a cooling sea breeze for nearly the entire race. My garmin had been left on in my bag, and was dead when I went to put it on, so I was running blind. I settled into a pace that was faster than usual, but not uncomfortable, and the miles flew by. I ran through the water stop where my Mom and Cat were working, through the spray of a hose held by my high school physics teacher who won survivor, past kids selling lemonade, and then I was coming into the final quarter mile flanked by two other women. One started to make a surge, and I kicked in with everything I had, passing them both just inches before the finish for a final time of 42:30, 8:30 miles. I was ecstatic with my time, given the heat, my recent lack of speed work, and my dinner the night before of a blizzard followed by cookie dough. After the race we jumped in the ocean, ran under the giant sprinklers they had set up on the lawn, went to the free beer garden, biked around the island, and took a quick dip.

After a crowded ferry ride back, we went for an early dinner at Cinque Terre in the Old Port. I loved Cinque Terre when I was in Italy, and was anxious to see if the food could compare. It did. We had gorgonzola stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto, a fresh pasta made with a local green tossed with caramelized onions, and fresh swordfish. So good. We then made a quick coffee stop before heading to the State Theatre for Emmylou Harris. WOW. It’s a wonderful venue, and the concert was amazing. We were blown away by the opening act- The Civil Wars. They had these incredible voices and fantastic harmony. And Emmylou’s voice was equally a strong and wonderful.

Sunday I got a dunking when I took my little cousin out to feed the goats. I was trying to stabilize the kayak as she got out, when a wave came in and moved the rock I was standing on. My cousin and the goats seemed to think this was hilariously funny. Since, I was already soaked, I dragged everyone in for a swim when we got back. It was an afternoon tide and the water was warm. We had the rare luxury of being able to float and paddle aimlessly without freezing to death. Swimming was followed by a lobster bake and then the reggae cruise. It was a stunning night, clear and warm, and the boat went around Southport, out to Damriscove, and into Linkekin Bay. The pumpkin ledges were covered with seals. Even better than the scenery, was the people on the boat. My best friend from middle and high school had come up, and then it turned out my brother’s friend OJ who used to live with us was there with a whole crew of people I used to work with in the summer. Everyone seemed so happy to see me, It truly felt like a homecoming. We drank Jamaican smash, we danced, we laughed. Life was good.

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