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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Lately I feel like my sense of time has been warped. I seem to always been in either fast forward or slow motion.

I rush, rush to get to the airport and through security, and then there are the long, seemingly endless hours of waiting for my flight, and then being on the plane. (Especially this week, where I got stuck in Chicago. I waited during my scheduled lay-over, then I waited to board, and waited for them to make the announcement that the flight was canceled, I waited in line and on the phone to be re-booked, after a few short hours of sleep, I waited again for my new flight to board (it was delayed 3 hours!). (P.S United you are not on my list of favorite things this week).

The days when I am in California seem endless. I'm up before the sun to work-out and then at the hospital for what feels like forever. But then, my few days at home seem to speed by in a blur of chores and friends and family.

And now I have the house buying process. Once I decided to go for the condo in South Portland I was in such a hurry to make an offer. And now for 4 long days I've been waiting to hear back (the seller was away for the weekend, and now because she's deaf has to work with an interpreter to talk to the bank which is slowing things down). And yet I know that once I hear back things will move at lightening speed as I try to navigate the whole home buying process for the first time.

Like Goldilocks, I'm looking for my sense of time to feel "just right" again.

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