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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrilling Thursday

So I ended up having a great day, despite being exhausted from the red eye and my cold.

I got home around 6 am- unpacked and hand a handful of frosted Mini-Wheats (my fav!) before heading out on a run. The run was not the highlight of my day. My legs felt like lead and every breath felt hard. I was tired, it was humid, but whatever, I got it done. At least it was nice to be back running on the shaded, rolling, safe, sidewalks.

After a shower I was starving again- so I took advantage of being home and whipped up peach and raspberry muffins with almond flour. Yumm-o.

Then I decided to check out the 30 minute express new bootcamp at my gym, because it's taught by one of my favorite instructors Leslie. I figured I could handle 30 minutes, despite my lack of energy. Holy cow- it kicked my butt. We never stopped- jumping jacks, hundred of pushups and situps, mountain climbers, and jumping squats. A full hour would have killed me!

Then I did some errands on my bike, before coming home to make a super good shrimp and avocado sandwich for lunch. Then, I intended to take a nap, but made the mistake of putting the US gymnastics championships on. I had to watch every second and it got me all hyped up. I miss it so much sometimes.

And then just when I was wondering what with the rest of the afternoon, I got the phone call. The seller agreed to my offer- the house is mine! And now I'm freaking out because I feel like there is so much to do, expect I can't do anything now. The bank is closed for the day, it's too early to start packing. Good thing I'm heading out for the last night of restaurant week tonight at Henrietta's Table.

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