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Friday, August 5, 2011

Springboard Pilates

I tried my first springboard pilates class last night, and absolutely loved it! The movements are similar to those in mat pilates, but you use the resistance of springs mounted to a board on the wall. The springs are attached to bars, handles, and foot straps for different movements. The resistance of the springs makes the movements more challenging, but at the same time almost easier, because they force you to do the movement correctly. The class lasted an hour and I felt like I worked my entire body- arms, core, and legs. I felt so great when I left the class- strong but also loose and stretched out. I have a tendency to think that in order to meet my exercise quota for the day, I have to do an all out activity. Running, spinning, lifting weights. These are important, but need to be done in combination. More importantly, you need to enjoy what you're doing. It's important to try new things. I loved this class so much, I can't wait to find a studio at home, and hopefully near where I'll be working in the Anaheim area. And it's such a simple machine, I bet I could even make one myself!

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