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Monday, August 29, 2011

Come on Irene

Unlike most people, who fled, I went to the coast for the hurricane. I hate to miss a good storm. We frantically pulled floats and boats, and even did a goat rescue. I (luckily) missed the actual trip to the Cuckholds to get the goats and bring them back (they did not want to get, or stay in, the boat), but then I became goat keeper for the weekend. We put them in our plant shed. They liked it so much, they never wanted to come out.

They were also not please to be wearing collars and leashes. When they were out, we tied their leashes to a chain. It didn't take them long to figure out that if they worked together, they could pull the chain wherever they wanted to go. So we had to keep a close eye on them- those goats can move!

The harbor was totally cleared out- every boat was pulled, and it was a good thing. When the storm finally hit on Sunday, the wind was howling. I went for a run early Sunday morning, it was raining, incredibly humid, and gusting winds. But by Sunday night, you could hardly stand up in the wind down at the dock. The seas built over the day, and by evening, were easily 10 feet. The surf was spectacular. We stayed up for the high tide at 11 pm, and it was as high as I've seen it in years.

We were all standing holding our breath with another neighbor, whose house is built on pilings over the water, as the tide crested about an inch from his door. This whole dock was underwater!

All in all, we were incredibly lucky. It was enough of a storm to be exciting, and to validate all the work that went into preparation, but not enough to cause major danger.

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