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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bagel Run and some apple picking

This morning I woke up craving a breakfast sandwich made on a bagel from Scratch Baking Company. They are the best bagels every. Crunchy outside, light inside, with lots of fun seeds and flavors on the everything bagel.

But I knew by the time I ran, came back, did some abs, stretched and showered, I would have lost motivation. So I strapped on my super sweet running fanny pack and made a stop at Scratch during my run. Yep, I sacrificed my dignity for some bagels.

I tend to be annoyingly literal. When I am running, I am running. Everything else has to wait. Really this is stupid. It's not like I am anywhere close to an elite runner. Stopping for 3 minutes to admire the ocean view or stuff my bagels in my fanny pack is not going to totally derail my run. The stop was a good decision- the breakfast sandwiches were awesome.

After I was fueled and caffeinated we headed out apple picking. The air cooled off a lot with the thundershowers we had overnight, so it felt like fall. Apple picking is a fall ritual I look forward to every year. Fresh picked apples and cider are the best. The trees were just loaded this year!

 Normally I eat myself sick when we go apple picking. I like to try an apple from every tree. I managed to have some impulse control today. Win for me.

 We did some tree climbing, even though there were plenty of apples within reachable height. Climbing the tree is just more fun. We filled our giant 1/2 bushel bag in no time. On our way out we had to stop to buy one of the giant pumpkin whoopie pies we saw when we bought our bag at the beginning. So much for the self control. It was an awesome whoopie pie- the pumpkin cake part was so moist and there was plenty of frosting. We polished it off before I could get a pic.

Tonight we are whipping up some apple crisp. But I'll still have a lot of apples left!

What else can I do with all my apples?

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