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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reach the Beach NH: Runner 5

Each year I've done RTB, I've done different legs. My first year I was runner 10, my second I was runner 8, my third I was runner 1, and my fourth I was runner 1 again but we only had 9 runners so the rotation was different.
Runner 1.... starting us off right last year!

This year I am runner 5. Here is what my legs are looking like:

Leg 5: 5.50 miles: easy [map] Still more downhill awaits the runners of Leg 5, though not as steep. Be wary of the logging trucks that travel this main thoroughfare from the north woods of New Hampshire and Maine.

Commentary: This I think will be a breeze. I will be fresh and excited. And I love downhills!

Leg 17: 8.98 miles: hard [map] Leg 17 leaves transition area #17, crosses the dock area of Lake Winnipesaukee, and then climbs steeply for about a mile before turning right onto Route 106 (also known as Parade Road) and heads into Laconia. You follow this road passed The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and continue until you hit Lexington Drive where you will turn right. You will follow for about .4 mile until you arrive at New Hampshire Ball Bearing on your right.

Commentary: This is the leg I am dreading. It is probably going to be around 2 am so it will be dark and lonely. It is still quiet hours so my team won't be able to play loud music to pump me up.  I will be tired, my legs won't be as fresh. I've seen these hills and they are long and steep!

Leg 29: 4.08 miles: moderate QUIET ZONE! [map] Leg 29 follows Route 121A for about 1.9 miles and turns left onto Hawkwood Road. It stays on this road for about 2 miles before becoming Colbey Road. It intersects with Rt. 111A where the runners will turn left. Use caution crossing this road. You will follow Rt. 111A for about .1 mile and transition at the Danville Baptist Church on the right.

Commentary: Boo another quiet zone. I like it loud! 4 downhillish miles, usually no big deal. But after already running 14.5 miles, not sleeping, and likely haven eaten a lot of crap, the last leg is always hard.

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