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Friday, March 1, 2013

My Body Doesn't Make Me Beautiful

It is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Since I did struggle with anorexia when I was younger, I struggled with whether or not to write anything related to this. I was hesitant, not because I am ashamed of having had an eating disorder, but because I don't feel like I am truly "cured." I am at a healthy weight now, but I still struggle with body image and eating normally. When I was in full fledged anorexic mode the world was cut and dry- food was bad, hunger was good, exercise was good. But now the line between good and bad is so much more vague. I need enough food to adequately fuel my body. I need to be able to enjoy food and indulge occasionally. But, I don't need to over-stuff myself with way more food than I need to the point where I don't even enjoy it. Some exercise is good. It makes me feel healthy and strong. But pushing my body to the point where it is injured and my exercise takes priority over everything else in my life is not so good. 

It's something that I think I will continue to struggle with my whole life. Which is why I love idea of the "My Body Doesn't Make Me Beautiful" campaign that has been floating around the blogisphere this week.

I think very few of us will ever be totally happy with our bodies. This is why it is so important to remember that we are so much more than the physical shell we are in. What makes me me has nothing to do with what I look like. 

Here are some things about me that you may not know that have nothing to do with my body. 
I am musical (I play flute, guitar, and sing. Lately, I have been writing my own songs.)

I love the ocean. I grew up on an island and worked on boats in the summer. I bought my own boat last summer. 

I have a creative side. I did a lot of digital art in college. Lately I have been trying wire wrapping. I just made my Mom some sweet wire wrapped sea glass wine glass charms for her b-day. 

What makes you beautiful??

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  1. Wow! You are right! I didn't know that you are musical or artistic! I would love to hear more about that :)

    I am happy you wrote this. And felt comfortable saying it! I tend to get toward that "all food is bad" mentality from time to time and it really REALLY freaks me out!!! I want to enjoy and be healthy and not be obsessive with it and my exercise!

    My generosity makes me beautiful! That sounds really conceited, but I will do anything for my friends/fam!