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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tokyo Marathon Training Weeks 7-9

Week 7 Level 17

4 runs for a total of 25.32 miles in 3:57:30.
Longest Run: 1:40:00, 10 miles
Cross Training: 3:06 minutes of bootcamp, elliptical, and jump rope; 30 minutes of swimming, and 3 strenth workouts.
Felt: Pretty good. It was snowing wet, heavy snow during my long run and the roads were very slippery, so I headed to the Eastern Trail and the dirt path had much more traction.

Week 8 Level 18

4 runs for a total of 26.9 miles in 4:14:33
Longest Run: 2:15:20, 13.72 miles
Cross Training: 4:05 minutes, 3 strength workouts
Felt: This was my first long run that I really qualify as a "long run." I tried to push the pace the second half of the long run and really felt it. I had to serve a soup dinner and perform in a Christmas Concert that night, and got tasked with serving all the tables downstairs. My legs were toast after the long run, running up and down stairs, and standing for the concert. 

Week 9 Level 19

3 runs for 16.75 miles in 2:37:56
Longest Run: 1:20 minutes, 8.45 miles.
Cross Training: 3:20 minutes, 50 minutes of swimming, 2 strength workouts. 
Felt: This was originally scheduled to be an off week- but because of holiday travel plans I decided to post-pone the off week and do level 19. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for me. Saturday was 2 degrees and windy. Sunday we got 14 inches of snow. Tuesday we got another 8 inches of snow. I tried to do my 2 hour long run on the treadmill, but my ankle really started to bother me. So, I called it a day at 1:20, and then did 20 minutes on the stair-stepper. My foot continued to bother me all week, so I skipped my Tuesday run and swam instead. I finished the week feeling pretty discouraged. It looks like this is going to be a snowy, cold winter, making running outside really challenging. From both a mental and physical perspective, I hate running on the treadmill. Time just crawls, and it really seems to bother my foot. I've been doing physical therapy since September and I continue to have flare-ups with my foot. 


  1. Aww man! I am sorry your foot is still bugging you so much and the treadmill makes it worse :( Do you guys typically get that much snow? Do the streets not get very clean so you can run in them? :(

  2. The amount of snow depends on the year, but the last couple have been bad. I do a lot of running on the bike paths, and those aren't plowed. And then most of my road routes involve a portion on the main road. They do a terrible job on the sidewalks and the main road is too busy to run in the road.