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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tokyo Marathon Training Weeks 4-6

Time is flying by and it is time for another Tokyo training update. Plus I just ran a cold, snowy 10 miler and I am looking for any excuse to stay sitting on the couch with my coffee!

Week 4 Cut Back Week: The Level Up training plan that I am using recommends that you take a cut back week every 3 weeks, or 3 levels. So instead of progressing on to the next level, you take it easy for a week. The recommend that each of your runs is 50% of the run your completed in the last level. Instead, I am using them as both a physical break, and a mental break from following a plan. So, I will just be running whatever feels good during these weeks. This was a great week for a cut-back because I was in Nashville and ended up hurting my foot again.

moon walk simulation counts as training right?
4 runs for a total of 23.16 miles in 3:28:55
Longest Run: 57:10
Cross Training Time: 3:59:00 + 2 strength workouts
Felt: Injured. Working out barefoot on the elliptical and then running in brand new shoes without my orthotics was stupid. 

Week 5 Level 15

3 runs for a total of 22.41 miles in 3:29:30
Longest Run: 1:35:00
Cross Training Time: 3:40:00 + 2 strength workouts
Felt: Good. The foot felt much better and I felt strong on my long run. 

Week 6 Level 16
4 runs for a total of 25.85 miles in 3:59:20
Longest Run: 1:55:00
Cross Training Time: 3:42:00 + 2 strength workouts
Felt: Stressed about trying to fit running in around my life. I did my long run a day early after only sleeping a few hours the night before and shopping all morning. But it was the only time I could fit in it. I felt surprisingly good during the run despite the bitterly cold, gusty winds, but got a cold 2 days later. I surprised myself by then setting a PR in the Thanksgiving Day 4 miler and feeling really good during the run. 

I am still really liking Level Up as a training plan. I was worried about injury and burn-out doing long runs every weekend, instead of every other or every third like I've done in the past, but I continue to feel really strong and like I am building a strong base. The next few weeks will be a challenge as I will be really busy with all the holiday stuff, and my long runs are getting longer, but I feel ready. 

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