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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation and noodles

It was a busy weekend of graduations. I had my hooding ceremony Friday- it was strange to finally meet everyone I've been taking on-lines classes with for years. No one was like I expected. And I am now officially an MPH. I need a new hobby to do on the plane now that I don't have homework.

Saturday I elected to skip my own graduation, since it was going to be a million hours long. I figured the morning was better spent running around the boulevard (my favorite run ever), hanging out with my friends in Maine, and getting to Vermont early enough to hit up Ben and Jerry's and Cabot for tours and samples. Sunday was my cousin's graduation at UVM. He also elected to blow off the early morning long, college wide ceremony, and we went out for a great brunch instead. Then we did some shopping before the college of arts and sciences ceremony at 2:30. He and his friends hosted a BBQ after the ceremony, so it was a late night. I didn't get home til after midnight.

But that's okay, because I am working at home this week! I am taking advantage and cooking as much as possible. Last night for the roomie's b-day I made mac and cheese (a new light version with pureed veggies instead of cream and butter) and a salad with bitter greens and caramelized carrots. Tonight, I made an asian stir fry. I went to the little local market and they didn't have fresh noodles, so I made my own. I've had my pasta maker for a little over a year, but tonight's noodles were by far the best I've made. I used a combination of water and egg yolk for the liquid, and then really kneeded the dough. I then let it rest for 3 hours. Wonderful, chewy noodles.

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