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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer is here, and I'm stuck in sneakers

Since I was working from home last week, I finally had the chance to go to a new foot doctor. He confirmed that I wasn't imagining that my heel pain was getting worse- my plantar fascia is literally starting to rip off my heel. He gave me new orthotics and strict instructions to wear them in sneakers ALL THE TIME. No sandals, no heels, no going barefoot. A terrible fate for someone who is barefoot or in flip-slops most of the time.

Even worse is that the high arch support in the orthotics affected my stride and messed up my ankle. I woke up Saturday literally unable to walk. I was in Maine for the long weekend, so I didn't have the option of the gym or pool. So biking it was. Not terrible, but there is only one road that goes around the island. 8.5 miles is one time around. By Monday, I couldn't face one more loop.

Aside from the foot issues, I had a wonderful long weekend in Maine. It was pea soup fog most the weekend, and chilly, but it still felt like summer. The summer people are arriving, the restaurants are opening up, and the harbor is filling with boats. We slept in the boat house, drank margaritas on the deck, and went kayaking. Yesterday, I went to the Newagen parade (none of the villages is big enough to have enough people for a parade, so we all group together and have a traveling parade). Then it was back on the road, complete with a nice 8 hour layover in Chicago as my flight was delayed and delayed.

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