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Monday, September 2, 2013


So that whole never taking a day off thing that I wrote about just a few weeks ago? Well it caught up with me this weekend. About 25 minutes into my run Sunday, I felt a strange pop in my foot going up a hill. I stopped, shook it out, and walked for a minute. I tried running again and it felt fine for about 10 minutes and then it happened again. So I stopped again, shook it out, walked, and then tried running again. This time I made it about 5 minutes.

I know I probably should have just stopped running as soon as I felt that first pain, but it really didn't hurt again after I shook it out. In between those steps of sharp pain it was fine. I got back to my house, walked around, stretched a bit, and then took the ultimate ice bath - a long swim in the chilly Atlantic.

It was after I got out of the ocean and into the shower that I noticed that my foot hurt a lot. Like so much that I couldn't walk at all. I limped and hopped my through brunch and the next few hours. Finally I relented and let my BF take me to the ER.

The X-rays didn't show anything broken and since the pain was localized to one spot, the ER concluded it is likely a stress fracture. 

I don't agree. I have had stress fractured before. I would notice a little paint first and then it would slowly get worse over time. It also hurt all the time. With this, I was fine one minute and then felt a sharp pain the next. It also only hurt when I had my foot in a certain position. But only time and an orthopedist will tell. 

Meanwhile, I spent the rest of my weekend on crutches. Crutches suck, especially when you are on and island. Navigating floats, boats, and uneven rocky paths are no fun. 

It has been 1 day without a workout and I am already starting to go a little nuts. Wah wah wah.

How was your long weekend?


  1. Oh no! Hope you are healed up soon and it isn't as bad as they think!