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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The things I didn't learn from being hurt

On Friday I was thinking that I would write a post on how my injury was maybe one of those blessings in disguise. It reminded me that I need to take days off and listen to my body instead of always pushing through. But, I would have plenty of time to recover, strengthen my feet ankles and hips, and still be ready to start marathon training. 
I should be doing a lot of this
Turns out, my old habits are hard to break. I started off well, biking instead of going to my high impact step-class on Friday. After that it all fell apart. Friday night I spent 5+ hours on my feet, in crappy shoes, walking the cobblestone streets on Portland on the art walk. Saturday morning I just couldn't keep myself from going to boot-camp. And then I couldn't keep myself from doing everything during class, even if it hurt. Then, I stood up for 4 hours at a hop picking party at my local brewery. 

By Saturday night, my foot was so tired and achy that I knew I had to rest it. I elevated it, iced it, and had to bail on the ghost tour and pub crawl my friend had set-up for her birthday. Sunday I biked instead of running. 

And then I spent the rest of Sunday on my feet, shopping at the Kittery Outlets. Monday, I was right back in the gym at kickboxing. And today I ran. 

Why can't I stop myself? I know that if I rest it, or do non-impact activities, it will heal more quickly and I will come out of it stronger and ready to run. 

But, the idea of only swimming and biking for the next month, makes me shudder. SOOOOOOO boring. I totally have exercise ADD. I need a lot of different activities to keep me excited and motivated.

What do you do when you are injured?


  1. Please please please rest! I am worried about you! I don't want to see it get worst! Do you think it's all a boredom thing holding you back, or worry about the smaller calorie burn?

  2. It is mostly a boredom thing. And a social thing. I hate missing out on my favorite things. And like the post you linked to yesterday on FB, exercising is a hobby. It is a very social thing for me, and I feel like I a missing something if I can't be there.

  3. I diagnosed myself with Fitness ADD a long time ago too! My pattern is one where I actually do rest, but I don't ease back into it, I try to jump in full-blast with something I saw/read and that I don't have the strength or conditioning for... re-injury.