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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Long Sleeves

It's fitting that since it is now officially fall, I ran for the first time this fall in a long sleeve shirt. It was 43 when I headed out on my run, but it was bright and sunny, with only a light wind. Typically, until it falls below 40 I stay in shorts and a T. I hate being hot! 

But, we went to the Cumberland Fair last night it was freezing. Even in a sweatshirt I was shivering as we whipped through the air on the rides. I wanted everything hot. I got a glorious hot bowl of soup in a bread bowl followed by a fresh, hot, apple fritter (clearly it was not a calorie counting type of night). A fair plus the cold totally put me in a fall mood, so it just seemed right to wear long sleeves. 

Have you made the switch to long sleeves or long pants yet?
What are the conditions that cause you to add or remove clothing for your run?

I keep my shorts as long as possible, usually until it gets down into the 30's. My legs rarely feel cold. But, like I said above, what I wear on my upper half is much more influenced by what season I feel it is. For most of the reason I just wear tights and a long sleeve. It has to dip down into single digits and wind for me to wear a coat. I am a Maine girl after all. 

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  1. Yeah, I wear as little as possible on the run for as long as possible. No pants until in the 20s. No long sleeves until the 30s! I don't want to be hot!

    I love cuddling up in warm stuff when I am not running, though!