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Monday, October 7, 2013

A Wedding Weekend in Upstate NY

Phew, life has been CRAZY lately. I have had out of state events the last 3 weekends and in-between that, absolutely crazy weeks at work.

hotel room selfie!
This past weekend we went to a wedding in upstate New York. The BF was a groomsman for one of his best friends from college. We left early Friday am. I made myself get up early and run before we hit the road because I knew we had a long day in the car ahead of us. It's about a 7 hour drive, without any stops. I was put on a strict bathroom stop schedule, so I tried not to drink too much! It was a really pretty drive through the rolling hills of Western MA and NY and the foliage was in full swing. Unfortunately, it also poured during a good portion of the trip, so we didn't have much of a view for a lot of the trip.

On the way we made a stop at Utica College, where the BF went to school. It was neat to see his school. Then we were back in the car and headed to the Turning Stone Casino. Once we checked in, we got ourselves all prettied up for the rehearsal dinner.

The dinner was a lot of fun. It was nice to get to know more of the BF's college friends and hear some stories! After dinner, we headed to the dueling piano bar. Have you ever been to one? It was so fun!

I started Saturday morning with a work-out. There was a nice 1.3 mile trail around the casino grounds with different fitness stations. I did one lap as a warm-up, 3 laps with the fitness stations, and then a final cool down lap. I love when hotels have good places to run outside!

Then we made a quick trip out to the little town where the BF's grandparents used to live. He has some land there that he inherited from them and wanted to check it out. It was nice to get to see the place that I have heard so much about. Then, we zipped back because it was wedding time!

The weather wasn't perfect, it was pretty gray and drizzling, but they went ahead with the outside ceremony anyway. It was just such a pretty spot that the bride really wanted the ceremony there. 

It was a great ceremony- really personal and touching. As always, I got totally teary. Weddings are so sweet! The reception was a blast. The food was great, the music was great, and they even had an ice cream sundae bar! I even got the BF to dance quite a bit.

The party didn't end when the reception was over, they had set up an after party at the club. We were ushered in through the VIP line, which made me feel super cool. We even had bottle service in out private area. The club was pretty crazy. They had aerial dancers suspended on hanging clothes above us, crazy lights everywhere, and great music. I danced and danced. We finally fell into bed way past my bedtime.

Sunday I woke up feeling the effects of the night before, but made myself hit the gym anyway. I know it's the best way to get myself feeling normal again. Plus, we had another long drive in the car ahead. I cranked out a treadmill and kettlebell interval workout and some time on the elliptical and then showered and packed and we hit the road. We got home last night.

It was a whirl-wind weekend, but so much fun. I am so happy we got to be part of Chris and Heather's wedding weekend.

How was your weekend?

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