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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One step forward, One Step Back

So since I reported that I didn't have a stress fracture back at the beginning of September, I haven't said too much about my foot injury. That is because it changes from day to day.

After my first week of physical therapy my foot felt great. I was back doing everything: running, bootcamp, and kickboxing. I had no pain and my foot felt strong.

Then, the next week when I was running it started to twinge. For the next few days I was back to not being able to walk normally. And it has been like that since. Sometimes it is fine and then suddenly it hurts.

It is frustrating. I had been going to PT religiously and doing all my homework. I have been wearing the clunky, uncomfortable brace. I wore flats instead of heels all weekend at my company meeting. And yet, sometimes it really hurts and I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that makes it worse.

Even the physical therapist can't quite figure me out. This isn't a clear cut injury to an isolated body part. It is weak hips, tight hamstrings, high arches, tight Achilles, and weak ankles all forming the perfect storm. I am a problem solver. I like to know exactly what the problem is and then be able to take concrete steps and see steady improvement. I start marathon training soon and I want to go into it feeling completely healed. But, I don't think that's going to happen. Boogers. 


  1. What a pain in the.... foot. Ugh. I am sorry it's all over and coming and going. Does the PT recommend more rest?

    1. You sound like my Mom :) He said to avoid anything that causes immediate pain (like jumping laterally seems to), but as long as it doesn't hurt it is okay to keep doing what I normally do.

    2. Ha ha ha! Sorry! It just sounds like you need more rest and less high intensity stuff. But if it doesn't hurt when you do it, I would want to keep working out, too.

  2. Definitely a bummer, and super frustrating. I think the hardest part of injuries is not know exactly what to do to make it better. Like you said sometimes it will hurt but you won't know why, because you had been doing everything you were supposed to. Hopefully you get some relief, and some answers!