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Monday, October 28, 2013

New Balance 870 v2

I used to be a shoe loyalist. Once I found a brand and model I liked, I would keep buying that shoe for at least a couple years. But after a bunch of different foot/ankle issues, I have a new theory that maybe it is better to switch up the brand/model of shoes I wear when it is time for a new pair. Since each shoe puts stress of slightly different parts of your foot, maybe this will help prevent overuse injuries.

I wore New Balance back when I first started running over 10 years ago (yikes, time flies!), but I haven't tried them for at least the past 8 years. BUT, I love that they are an American company and even have factories in Maine, so I wanted to give them a try again.

I went with the New Balance 870's version 2, Women's size 8.5. They are the type of shoe I usually in- a cushioned shoe with some stability, but honestly, the color is was won me over. I couldn't say no to the hot pink.

I love New Balance as a company, and I love how these shoes look, so I want so badly so love how they feel running....... but I don't. 

I've been running in the them about a month now, and I am still not impressed. My main issues are:

-The shoe is too narrow in the arch, but way too wide in the toebox. I found this is actually a common complaint. A Runner's World Review said that people complained the original 870 was too narrow in the toebox, so New Balance tried to correct that in this update. But, I think they went too far. The shoe looks, and feels, too wide up front. 

-The cushioning in the heels feels too smushy. I am a heavier runner and I heel strike, so I like a fair amount of cushioning to help with the impact. However, in this shoe the cushioning feels more like a crappy pillow than a nice spring. 

-There isn't enough cushioning in the front, or the sole isn't thick enough. I run frequently on a dirt/crushed rock trail, and I can feel every rock I step on in the front part of my foot. I don't want to run in a marshmallow and lose all contact with the ground, but I don't want it to hurt when I run on crushed rock either. 

These shoes aren't so bad that I am going to stop running in them (plus, I am too cheap to toss a month old pair of sneaks!), but I don't think I'll be getting another pair.

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