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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Handyman Kier

Owning a house is definitely pushing me to expand my handyman skills. I don't know a lot, but I am always willing to try. My Dad had been saving my great-grandmother's dining room set for me. It is a beautiful old dark wood in an Italian style. However, it's old, it has been moved around quite a bit, and it's been in storage for quite awhile. It needed some serious work. I got the right screws for the table and the right stuff to clean the wood last week, but the chairs were this week's project. They desperately needed to be reupholstered. So, after a great run and a yummy pumpkin apple waffle, I learned how to upholster! Yesterday I took the chairs apart and took off the old fabric. I was really careful to pay attention to how the chairs came apart and keep all the parts together!
Then today I ventured to Jo-Ann fabrics were I was for WAAAAY too long trying to decide. I decided to go with a simple small print that would be pretty neutral. Both because I didn't want to have to line up a complicated pattern or stripes when doing the project, and because I wanted them to go with any future redecorating I might. I got a really pretty light turquoise with a cream diamond pattern. When I got home I cut the fabric to the right size (and really hoped I'd done the math right and gotten enough fabric!)
Once the fabric was cut, I attached it to each cushion with a staple gun. I loved the noise the staple gun made! Then I went to reattach the cushions to the chairs. I had to make a quick trip to the hardware store because one screw was MIA, and while I was there I got a flat head attachment for my power drill. Power tools made everything better. And then I was done! It looks so good. The furniture has a totally new look. Go me! And now

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