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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy 1 Week Anniversary House!

I can't believe I have already been in my house for a week. Last Sunday I remember waking up feeling slightly disoriented. I wasn't used to the sounds of my new neighborhood or the way the light came in my windows. Today though, I woke up feeling right at home. In just a week, I have settled back in. Yesterday morning I went to the kickboxing class at my new gym, Lifestyle fitness in Scarborough. It was hardcore- so obviously I loved it. I had planned on staying for the Zumba toning class afterward, but I just wasn't feeling it. The sun was calling me. Just because I could, I headed down to Pine Point beach and went for a wonderful, but windy, walk on the beach. The wind was really whipping- the surf was huge and the sand was flying all over the place. But the sun felt great on my face, and there were plenty of other intrepid Mainers out there with me. I LOVE being able to see the ocean multiple times every day. After lunch I headed over to Breezy's to watch the world championships. What a treat to watch gymnastics with someone who knows as much as I do about it. And who also sits in a split while watching! Then for dinner, I caught up with one of my friends from my Ghana trip at a cute little cafe, Verbena, right down the road from my house! I had a great salad with butternut squash, cranberries, amd sunflower seeds. I am trying to do a long run of at least 12-13 miles once a month to keep myself in shape just in case a race comes up. It is so much easier to stay in shape than to get back in shape. I was thinking about where to run as I fell asleep last night and a great route came to me. I ran over the Casco Bay bridge which is pretty exciting because you are so high up and have a great view of the city skyline and Casco Bay while the wind howls around you. Then I ran down Commercial street which is right on the waterfront. You can see all the ferries gearing up for the day, and today there was a HUGE cruise ship docked as well. Then I hopped onto the Harbor Walk trail, the East End Trail, and ended up running around the Bay Back trail before heading back home. How amazing to have so many trails that run right along the water. It was another windy, windy day but I hardly noticed because I was too busy looking at the views. 12 miles absolutely flew by! Now I am settling in with pumpkin pecan pancakes and some coffee to watch some more gymnastics. Happy weekend!

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