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Friday, October 28, 2011

Humboldt County California

So I should have been sleeping during the day yesterday and today to switch acclimate my body to working the night shift, but I was too used to getting up at 4 am! And there was just too much amazing stuff to see here! I started off with a run at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Refuge. It was stunning and my run just flew by! There were little pools completely grown over with bright green algae, little inlets filled birds, and then the giant sweep of Humbolt bay. There was that great earthy,salty smell that you only get where the land meets the sea. And there were so many birds- from hundreds of little pipers to giant pelicans.
Despite the fact that it was a clear, cool morning I finished drenched with sweat. I think I must still have a fever, because I looked like I had done speed work on a hot summer day instead of an easy 60 minute run on a cool fall day. So I made a quick stop back at the hotel for a shower and change before heading up highway 101 north. I am not usually one for scenic drives, I prefer to be outside walking or biking, but because I wasn't feeling great, and because it was just so darn majestic, I really loved this drive. First stop was Trinidad, a tiny little town nestled in the cliffs. I got out and admired the lighthouse, and then hoofed it the down the hundreds of steps to the water. I loved the cool shapes of the giant rocks sticking out of the water. And I even saw a little seal swimming around.
After Trindad, I kept heading north. Highway 101 had great views of the Big Lagoon and Stone Lagoon alternating with redwood forest sections. I stopped to take a few pictures.
After passing a few "Elk Crossing" warning signs, I went through the town of Orick, which was little more than a few little buildings before turning off 101 to head up to Lady Bird Johnson Redwood Grove. The redwoods never fail to amaze me. One thing that struck me in particular this time is how many of them had scars and burn marks from forest fires. It reminded me that we all go through things that hurt and scar us, but we can rise above these things, and continue to grow tall and strong.
I enjoyed the same scenery on my way back to the hotel, stopping just long enough to change my shoes before heading to downtown Eureka for dinner. It's an interesting town. A lot of it is pretty ugly and rundown, but you can tell they are making an effort to revive the downtown. There is a nice path that runs along the river and by the marina.
And Ramone's Bakery and Cafe was great! They recently started staying open for dinner and have a great selection of small plates. I had gnocchi with pesto, and each batch is made to order. They were so light and fluffy. And after salivating over the amazing dessert case for nearly 20 minutes trying to make up my mind, I finally decided on a pasty filled with almond paste, covered in roasted almonds and dipped in chocolate. Perfect ending to a perfect day!

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  1. gorgeous! Cool blog - keep up that great goal ya got there <3