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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How long does it take to recover from a marathon?

There was an interesting and timely article in the New York Times this week about how long it takes to recover from a marathon. The article isn't totally conclusive because there is no great way to measure recovery and of course it varies from individual. But the general consensus is that it take 2-4 weeks to recover physically and up to 6 months to recover mentally.

This generally is what I've found in my marathons. With each marathon I've done, I've found that the recovery process is easier. After my first 2 I was totally fried mentally and physically. I could barely walk for close to a week and didn't even want to think about running. After Antarctica I was pretty exhausted physically, but so elated by the race and trip that I immediately started thinking about my next race. And this week, I feel great. I wasted way too much time on-line last night seeing if there is any way I can fit in another international marathon this spring while I'm in shape. But it just doesn't look like it will fit in with my work schedule. Sigh, life can't be all about vacations.

I'm forcing myself to take it easy this week to let my body recover.

Monday: Nothing because I was traveling home all day. I did do some stretching and yoga in the middle of the airport and on the plane, which got me some funny looks and embarrassed my cousin, but hey you do what you have to do.

Tuesday: 45 minute easy elliptical session and upper body weights. And a massage. Oh how I love massages. I would almost run a marathon every week if I could get a massage every week.

Wednesday: 40 minute swim. 1 hr yoga class. 20 minute ab video.

Thursday: First bike ride of the season! I was just going to do an easy hour, but it is so incredibly nice out! It's supposed to be 80 today. That NEVER happens in Maine in March.

Kettle Cove
And have I mentioned how much I love being back in Maine? I passed 6 lighthouses on my ride today and countless lovely ocean vistas.

The self portrait thing wasn't working. But hey nice bike helmet.

Can I take a picture while still riding my bike? Um not really. Crappy picture and I almost fell off my bike.
So I ended up riding for almost 2 hours and did 26.2 miles. I realized I was at 25 miles so I circled around for bit until I got till 26.2 Yep, I'm one of those people.

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