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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Night Shift Madness

I should not be allowed to work the night shift anymore. The is the second week of go-LIVE so it's super slow, which means that I am bored. I don't do well with boredom.

Example 1- I am bored and sitting alone next to a giant basket of candy. Candy binge ensues. Multiple nights in a row. As I drive home feeling sick with a sky high blood sugar I vow not to do it again. But I do. And probably will again tonight.

Example 2- I am bored and at a computer and I'm sleep deprived. So I start to seriously consider getting in another international marathon this spring. I mean I'm already in shape, so it'd be way easier to stay in shape an extra month or so then have to do a whole separate training cycle next fall. And I have a ton of miles. And I mean doesn't everyone just fly to Japan for the weekend? But, I can't find a race that fits perfectly into my schedule.

Santiago, Chile is April 1. I'm not sure this gives me enough time physically, or work responsibility wise, to recover from Rome.

The Nagano, Japan marathon is mid April, which would be perfect time-wise. But registration is closed. (Anyone have a special pull with those race organizers? I'd love you forever).

And then I was looking at the Sundown Marathon in Singapore in May, but then I realized that's like 20 hours of flying one way.

Any other marathons in South America, Africa, or Asia in the next couple months that are still open and are less than a 12 hour flight from either California or Boston??

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