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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Funday

I usually spend most of my Sunday in airports and on planes, so when I actually have a whole Sunday and home, I make the most of it. Yesterday was no exception.

I started off with a nice 6 mile run. It was a warm sunny morning, but pretty windy. I wanted to do my good old favorite run on the bike path out to Bug Light, but I'm afraid that I'll run it to death. I tend to do that when I find something I like, eat it, play it, watch it, or run it so much that soon I'm tired of it. So I set off on an exploration run. Kinda fun to not know what's coming. I ended up down by Willard Beach.

After my run I headed to the gym to check out the new Sunday morning yoga class. Generally I don't love the yoga classes at my gym and feel like it's worth it to pay to go to a yoga studio. The atmosphere at the gym is just not as zen inducing at the studio. And the instructors at the gym usually teach a yoga class or two in addition to a bunch of other classes, but aren't yoga specialists. This one though was pretty decent. It at least got out the kinks in my legs.

When I got home I spent an hour or so in the sun spot on my living room flooring reading the paper, and then made a batch of OMG Pancakes. They were just as good as Tina said they were, especially with blueberries and maple syrup on top.

Mid afternoon my Mom and Gerry came down to visit. I took them to Bayside Bowl, which is the best bowling alley ever. You can drink while you bowl and it has a super fun atmosphere.

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