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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's a good day to be a biker

Happy National Bike Month/Bike to Work Week/Bike to Work Day! There are all kinds of fun events going on in Portland this week, and I got to hit up a few of them.

Last night I went to a women's bike repair clinic sponsored by Liv/Giant. Although I have been riding for years, I still can't change a flat tire for the life of me. And I shelled out a lot o $$$ for my road bike, so I want to keep it in good condition. This was the best clinic I've ever been to. Lauren, the Giant rep, was super friendly and down to earth. We got to do a lot of hands on. At the end I totally changed a flat in less than 3 minutes. Boo yah.

This afternoon, The Bicycle Coalition of Maine sponsored an after work party out at Bug Light. It was a beautiful afternoon, and I enjoyed my safe, flat ride out there on the Greenbelt. I chilled in the sun, munched on some goodies, and even got to talk to one of men who helped to develop the Greenbelt. I love my little section, and definitely want to try and do the whole Southern Maine section from my house to Kittery this summer.

They had a special water taxi going back and forth between Portland, and naturally I had to take it. I love boats, especially boats that my bike can ride too! Plus I needed to zip over to Portland for Girls and Gears!

Girls and Gears is a women's night at Gorham Bike and Ski which raises money for the Maine Cancer Coalition. I preregistered so I got a cute t-shirt and goodie bag when I arrived. There was wine and great food. I had a lobster martini (lobster on salad in a martini glass, not like a gin martini that tastes like lobster, ick!), a strawberry and goat cheese bruscetta, and some veggies and hummus.

During the evening there was a biking apparel fashion show. Apparently I've been slacking in the workout fashion because these women looked way better than I ever do. It was a great chance to meet some other active women and find some potential new riding partners.

The evening was capped off by a lovely (and mostly downhill) ride home. The sun was setting big and orange over Casco Bay as I rode over the bridge. Love it!

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