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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tis the Season

You know those things that seem so much better because you can only get them at certain times of the year? Like candy corn, Cadbury Eggs, and Girl Scout cookies.

One of things I love about living in Maine is that it is very seasonal. After a long, cold, lonely winter everything starts to open up slowly in early spring and then all of a sudden on Memorial Day weekend it just explodes into summer. All the little shops, ice cream stands and restaurants open. Boats and floats go into the water. Summer people come back and there are lights in all the windows again at night.

I had a glorious weekend greeting old friends, favorite foods, and familiar biking and running routes. Thursday night we went to Andrew's Harborside opening night. It's an old family favorite, and the only place my Mom's boyfriend will go. Last summer he ate there 72 times, and he always gets the same thing. But then again so do I. They have the BEST crabcakes- absolutely packed with Maine crab and topped with a rich, buttery orange sauce. It was a blast because we had a big table of friends and knew pretty much everyone else there. We got there at 6 and didn't leave until nearly 10.

Saturday I did my first run all the way around the island of the summer. It's a hilly 9 mile loop, so 
after my run, I was feeling like some Wannawaf was justified. Wannawaf may be the best thing in the world. I also get the Sugar Daddy, but with coffee toffee yogurt, because you know I'm healthy like that. Here's the menu so you can drool:

Sunday night we were performing at a potluck luck raising money to paint the church. I seriously never know what I'm getting into when I get home. You want me to get up and play the guitar and sing a song I just learned 5 minutes ago? Sure Mom. Considering we only practiced for about an hour, we actually sounded good. That is mostly because the other people were considerably more talented than I am, and so they made up for my deficiencies.

Monday morning I woke to an amazing sunrise and an ocean that looked like glass, so I lugged the kayak out from under the boathouse and headed out for a little paddle. I went out to say hello to the Osprey family that has a nest on the outer channel marker. Then I hopped on my bike for my tour de islands- Southport, Barter's, Sawyer, and Isle of Springs. And then it was relaxation time! BBQ with the neighbors and then a boat ride. We finally gave up on our old boat last year and I missed having a boat so much. It was a calm, clear day and we went for a long cruise out to Damriscove and then out and around Fisherman and Ram before heading home. Even though I worked on a boat for 10 years and was on this water everyday all summer, the beauty never fails to astound me.

I feel so lucky to be from a place that I love so much, surrounded by incredible natural beauty, and a community of friends.  Happy Summer!

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