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Sunday, May 13, 2012

To Brazil or Not?

Don't worry, this is not a post about bikini waxing. That would be TMI, even for me. It's about the actual country of Brazil. And the question is, should I try to squeeze in marathon in Brazil at the beginning of July. I just started considering it last week, and I've changed my mind about 10 times.

Pro: I'd get my South American Marathon in this year.
Associated Con: I'd only get to spend about 4 days there, which doesn't seem like much time

Pro: I could use miles to get my ticket
Associated Con: It would still cost at least $600 for the hotel and race fees

Pro: July is winter in Brazil so it is the coolest time of year to do a marathon there.
Associated Con: July is the nicest time of year in Maine, and I want to be here to enjoy it. And I'd have to fly out on the 4th of July.

Pro: I could connect it with a work trip to Texas. This would save me time and money.
Associated Con: I could connect it with a work trip to Texas. So after I run the marathon I'd have to go straight to Texas, and work 12 hour shifts for 5 days in a row.

Pro: I ran Rome in March, and have continued to do 13 milers every 3 weeks so I could be in marathon shape by July.
Associated Con: I have a super busy work, social, triathalon and biking schedule between now and July.

So should I Brazil or not?? Help!

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  1. The only thing that sounds bad to me is going to work when you return :)