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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Joy Comes Back to Me

It has not been a good week so far. I don't know what it was exactly, the gloomy weather, or the fact that I wasn't feeling great, but I was not a happy camper. All I wanted to go was sit on my couch and watch crappy TV and eat crappy food and feel miserable. So I did.

My runs were pretty miserable run, done out of obligation and habit rather than passion. Even by beloved greenbelt failed to inspire me. Bug light, Casco Bay, lovely view of the Portland skyline....... yeah whatev.

After some violent thunderstorms last night, I finally woke to a beautiful sunny morning. And finally I actually wanted to run. I decided I needed a change in scenery to inspire me so I headed towards the beach. I wanted to try running at Scarborough marsh, which I have biked by a few times, but even though the gate was open, and the (cranky) old lady was in her little booth, she wouldn't let me in. It wasn't "officially" opening time. I wasn't aware nature had an opening time, but I shrugged it off.

I headed down to Higgins Beach instead. And I started running. The sun was warm on my face. The sea breeze was cool. The sun was crashing. I started along the edge of the beach, watching the surfers and paddleboarders (man I wish I could surf, it looks so fun). Then I wound up and down the little streets, admiring the houses and imagining which one I will buy when I win the lottery. I found a cool little hidden lane that led to a trail. For a mile or so I was practically leaping along springy, pine-needle covered path. My Garmin had died, so I couldn't worry about pace. I just ran.

When I finished, I left my sneakers and i-pod and watch in a pile, and ran down to the water. I splashed in the icy water for as long as I could stand it (which was about 30 seconds, that water is freaking FREEZING). Then, because the spirit struck me, I started doing some yoga. I flowed through a few sun salutations, enjoying every grain of sand that I was getting stuck to my body. Really is there anything better than yoga on a beach? Well, yes actually. Cartwheels on a beach. When I finished my yoga, I felt like cartwheeling. So I did. Even though I'm almost 30. Even though there were people watching. Even though I got sand in my hair and in my eyes.

This is where I wish I was all fancy and could make music play automatically. But I can't. So go listen to this awesome Rani Arbo and Daisey Mayhem song, Joy Comes Back to Me. It's my anthem for the day.

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  1. That is an awesome run to get back in to the groove of things! :) Have you tried surfing? I never have :)

    Why is there a lady to let you in to the marsh? Lame! All of our forest preserves have gates, but a lot of us meet outside of them if it's before 6:30 (when they open) so we can run in.