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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Exercise for Weight Loss: Is Less More??

It's Wednesday, Wednesday is a good day for some science right? I thought so. The other day I read a really interesting article on Runner's World.- Exercise for Weight Loss: Is Less More?

The article summarized some recent studies that found that more exercise isn't always better. I was expecting it to find that extreme levels of exercise, like marathons, isn't always better. I have certainly found that I tend to gain weight when I am marathon training.

I just ran 13 miles, shouldn't I be thinner?  

But the study found this true even at much lower levels. They found that 30 minutes of exercise is better than 60 minutes for weight loss.  WHAT??? I always try to get a minimum workout of 60 minutes a day.

Another surprising study was one that found that the super skinny Hadza hunter-gatherer tribe of Tanzania doesn't actually move around more than big-bellied Westerners.I totally feel like my sedentary work life is a huge factor to my increased pounds, since they all piled on after college.

What do you think? Do these findings surprise you? Is 30 minutes of exercise a day enough?

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