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Monday, August 6, 2012


A couple weeks ago I wrote about major changes at work had me totally stressed out. (read it here) Things are no more settled and now I am even closer to my contract end date without knowing if I'll be renewed, but now I am more okay with it.

My life has three major parts: work, health/fitness, and friends/family/relationships. Ideally things would be going well in all three areas and I'd be perfectly balanced. But I am learning that there is always some give and take and that if things are really good in two parts of my life it can balance out things being not so good in one area.

I am in the best relationship I've been in probably ever. Yep, I'm turning into a mushy romantic. Go ahead and pretend to throw up, I would have 2 months ago. I am doing the whole skipping around smiling a lot thing. I love being back in Maine and having a best friend girl friend and we have been taking full advantage of all the fun things happening this summer. I've also gotten to see a lot more of my Mom this summer. So the friends/family/relationship thing is fantastic. I haven't necessarily kept my resolution of being completely mindful about what I eat and lost a ton of weight, but I have gotten stronger and fitter and I completely rocked my ocean swim triathlon. So the health/fitness thing is pretty darn good too.

With these two solid anchor in the triangle of my life, I can handle some stress and craziness at work.

What are the three most important parts of your life? How do you stay balanced?

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  1. I am so happy that you are in a happy relationship and have close friends and family! That does help SO MUCH when work sucks :(

    I am not sure what the most important parts of my life are. I would probably go with feelings - being happy, being calm and being healthy. Work really makes me struggle with the being calm thing.