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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Super Summer Salads and The Fat Boy Drive In

One thing I love about summer is that I actually want to eat giant salads instead of giant piles of warm mac and cheese. I've come up with a few winners lately that I wanted to share.

Easy Hummus and Guacamole Salad
Thanks to great coupons and sales I had a stock pile of hummus and guacamole this week. So I whipped up some great lunch salads with a giant scoop of each on top of some mixed greens and tomatoes with a slice of grilled Naan on the side. With the guac and hummus it didn't even need salad dressing!

Grilled Peach and Chicken Salad
Weeks after my meal at Grace I am still dreaming about the grilled peach salad. So I decided to recreate it. I cut a few peaches in half, removed the pit, and sprayed with Pam, before placing them cut side down on the grill. I grilled some chicken at the same time.

 I grilled the peaches on both sides until they had some nice grill marks.

 I diced the peaches and some tomatoes and put them on top of spinach and field greens.

 I threw together a quick vinagrette with olive oil, white vinegar, powdered mustard, and orange zest. I tossed this with the salad and then topped with the chicken.
This salad was amazing! I ate it 4 days last week and didn't get tired of it.

Last night's dinner was not so healthy, but it was a lot of fun. We went to the Fat Boy Drive in in Brunswick.

It is like going back to 1950's. You pull in and then turn on your lights to indicate that you need a waitress.

I got a lobster roll, R got the Royal Burger, and then we got onion rings and a chocolate frappe to share.

When the food is ready they come and hang it on your door!

Eating in the car was a little bit of a challenge because Dixie dog was with us and she wanted to try everything too. Luckily, the dinner is used to canine passengers and they delivered a dog treat with our food. It was a really fun dinner!

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